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Euroswift Specialisation

Founded in 2008, Euroswift is a fully integrated design, manufacturing and fulfilment set-up; specialising in Retail Point-of-Purchase(POP), Point-of-Sale (POSM), and all other Merchandising Display Essentials.

Backed with strong portfolios, servicing and endorsed by major retailers in the Asia Pacific Region, we challenge ourselves to continuously assist the retailers in providing creative, unique and practical display propositions to enhance greater shopping experience in their stores. We pride ourselves to be the Retailers’ Creative Workshop!

As the retail development in Europe and the US are ahead of us, we developed strategic partnerships with established manufacturers from these regions to bring over their expertise and products, in order to close up the gap for our emerging Asian markets.

We are totally dedicated to serving retailers of all different formats, including its merchandise vendors; in order to help all parties to compete creatively against the onslaught from online retailing,  to earn each  consumer dollar!  

Euroswift's Strategic Partners

Oechsle Display Systeme GmbH
Dana Industries Pte. Ltd
Dalebrook Supplies Ltd.
IMCo Inventory Management Constultants e.K.
McCue Corporation
Captive Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Euroswift's Clients

The Japanese retailers were the pioneer to develop the modern retail trade since the seventies; and by the Eighties, established operators like Yaohan, Sogo, Isetan, Daimaru, and etc. were making inroads into key Asian cities.

The European operators began to invest aggressively into Asia from the turn of the nineties. The early birds were Makro, Carrefour, Ahold, etc..

They are more locally adaptable; and hence started to be popular and successful in key cities in Asia.

By the turn of the millennium, Asian retailers look west to Europe for ideas and inspirations when building a refreshing retail concept. The competitions in Europe became intense, and major players like Carrefour, Tesco, Aholds, Delhaize, Metro and etc.. strived hard to outwit each other

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