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  Message From the CEO

A warm welcome to our Euroswift Family!

We would like to have your feedback on how you find our website, our products and solutions; and any other comments pertaining to how we can serve the retailers and its vendors better. Please leave your note and contact details on ideas@euroswift.com, where I will spend time to review weekly, picking up great ideas from all of you who have helped us to grow and improve since our inception in 2008.

Being a regional set-up to serve primarily the retail industry in the Asia Pacific Region, we learnt a great deal from the diverse culture and different stage of economic development across this part of the world; where I am confident the vibrancy and the strong growth will prevail over the next few decades at least.

Having said that, we are also faced with changing trends in an forever fast-paced retail industry. The surge of Online businesses and transactions, the ever rising retail rentals, the change of behavior where the younger generation sees retailing as a traditional and tedious industry to be associated with; and not forgetting the stiff competitions amongst local, regional and ever more international brands growing faster than the actual growth of consumption.

These macro factors could determine the future of the retail climate, and as grocery retailing being one of the pinnacle, we must be ready to relook and refresh; on how we could better reach the new age consumers.

Thus at Euroswift, our Research & Development effort has been channeled to help retail chains around Asia to cope with the changing trends, innovating new in-store communications on the digital front, creating display tools to enhance better efficiency and productivity at store operations level; and several other initiatives in which we will broadcast whenever it has passed through our stringent tests. So come back to visit us often on this website, so that you can be updated on the very new.

Aspiring to be the most renowned Retailers’ Creative Workshop, We love to be challenged in creating new applications for your retail needs. Looking forward to your call whenever you think of us!

Wishing you and your loved ones Good Health & Good Wealth throughout!

Sincere Appreciations!

Thomas Tay
Chief Executive Officer
Euroswift Group of Companies

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