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  Fresh & Chilled Merchandising

Grocery Retailing experts share the same thought that FRESH Operations success is the key attribute to bringing back the shoppers and profitability of any chain. Our objective when developing any merchandising aid and prop for this critical category is to assist the retailers in providing a “Fresh, Wholesome and Appetizing” offer. The tricks as to how to replenish just in time, maintaining the quality of the produce with proper merchandising aids; and most importantly without compromising the cold chain where applicable.
 Retailers like to use natural materials like wood, rattan, grass and plants to replicate the nature where these fresh produce come from; but at times, these materials may not be the most conducive in the retail stores locked in-house. Durability, hygiene factors and ease of maintenance considerations are some of the challenges retailers face in utilising these natural materials. We have therefore work with our partners and factories to use more durable materials to overcome these problems, like for example injecting those wooden crates in plastics, using plastic strips that replicate rattan instead. These initiatives and innovations are so much welcomes by our clients as it helps them to cut down store opening investments, reduce their wastage and increase the shelf life of these merchandising aids.

List of Some of Our Products

  • Produce Wagons
  • 3-Angled Wagon
  • Basket Series
  • Nestable Produce Crate
  • Cross Board & Accessories
  • 3-Tier Riser
  • Holder Step Riser
  • Woody Food Display Box
  • Modular Dividers
  • Riser Box
Wooden Crate 3-Angled Wagon Holder Step Riser Cross Board & Accessories
Nestable Produce Crate Basket Series 3-Tier Riser 2-Tier Wagon

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