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  Store Productivity Solution

The brick and mortar retail stores are facing more uphill challenges these days; including the threat from online retailers, rising retail rental, higher labour cost and stiff competition for scare labour who are willing to sacrifice weekends and long hours working in retail stores….. We therefore decided to put our top brains and resources together to develop series of productivity tools that would aid semi and self-faced merchandising display for better efficiency that aim to reduce the amount of time spent on daily re-merchandising operations. To further enhanced our innovations, we will be collaborating with an innovative German company, IMCO; to include anti-theft functions in some of these series since we would like to advocate more self-service merchandising to the retailers, especially for minimarts, pharmaceuticals and convenience stores. We are sure these Productivity Tools will hit the stores soon, and would be the new basics for more effective efficient merchandising display.


List of Some of Our Products

  • IMCo Hook
  • IMCo Ready Hook with Alarm-Box
  • Prima Glide
  • Wire Pusher
Prima Glide Roller with Pusher Wire Pusher  
Pusher with Alarm Pusher with Alarm Pusher with Alarm  

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