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  Operational Equipment

Other than assisting the grocery retailers with their In-store Communications and Merchandising Display, Euroswift have spent time to evaluate the supply chain and operational equipment required in these operations; before putting our Development Team through the pace, to work on coming out with the right operational support equipment for the retailers to “Increase Efficiency, Increase Automation, and Reduce Wastage”.
Right from the evolutionary development of Wheeled Shopping Basket, Goods Carrier, Thawing Cart, and many more. We are committed to continuously understand the operational challenges of the retailers, and invest in resources to develop more and better equipment, going into an era where automation and efficiency is of paramount importance.


List of Some of Our Products

  • Shopping Basket
  • Good Carrier
  • Nestable Produce Crate
  • Pallets
  • McCue
Nestable Produce Crate Wire Shopping Basket Pallets Skateboard
McCue Bumper

Corner Protection

Sales Area Rail Bumper + Sales Area Rail

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