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  OFF - Shelf Merchandising

Shoppers like to go for good bargains; and off the shelves bulk display always give them the impression of price down merchandise. Euroswift creates a wide range of platforms that come with dummy blocks, customised stands and wagons to assist the retailers in building up the “Carnival Atmosphere” in these specialized area; without having to pile up cartons of merchandise that multiply in the stores unnecessarily.
The other series we built as part of the Off-Shelf Merchandising assortments are different types of Merchandising Stands & Wagons, some made to measure to fill up every gap and corner of the store. We built strong characteristics into these Stands, meant for generic and some preferred merchandise; and most importantly at the Right Speed, Right Quality, and Right Price – utmost importance! In order to help the retailers build up the block stack, we have also created dummies to help reduce the stock piling situation.
Let us go in and grab those special buys right away!

List of Some of Our Products

  • Mini Tanker
  • Mini Tanker Lite
  • Promo Wagon
  • Promo Stage
  • Side Stacker
  • Eclipse Stand
  • Merchadising Stands Accessories
Promo Satge Side Stacker Mini Tanker + leg Promo Wagon

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