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  ON - Shelf Merchandising

When we walk into any supermarkets, we embrace a wide arrays of merchandise assortments ready to fly off the shelves. To create a conducive shopping environment in today’s sophisticated and competitive retail markets, it is ultimately important to maintain strict planogram discipline and assortment organisation.
Therefore we urge retailers to apply separators to differentiate all product offers on the shelves; and on top of that Euroswift develops a wide assortments of merchandising aids to maintain the product at shelf edge so that shoppers can always find the merchandise of their choice at ease; and at the same time increase the impulse purchase possibility.

List of Some of Our Products

  • PRIMA Shelf Dividers Standard
  • Segmentation Dividers
  • Branding Strips
  • Undershelf LED Lighting
  • Back Support Series
  • Pusher System PRV Series
  • Roller System for Beverages
  • Stands on Shelves
Shelf Extension C-Store Magnetic Divider 3-Tier Riser Roller
Undershelf LED Lighting PR7 Back Support Series Angle Riser Roller+Divider

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