Euroswift's foray into packaging solutions

  Tropic Pack Asia

How do customers bring their purchases home?

Besides plastics bags where every purchase is put together, more often than not we don’t realise the first stage of packaging our purchases are put in – cans, shrink-wrapped styrofoam plates, plastic trays and more. In the retail industry, even the first stage of packaging is important.

In order to become a more holistic stop for all things retail, Euroswift has brought on board Tropic Pack Asia. It is a subsidiary of Tropic Pack Sdn Bhd, a packaging solutions company that has its roots in Malaysia and is currently providing disposable utensils to plastic and styrofoam food packaging.

Tropic Pack Sdn Bhd hopes to expand its operations to designed-to-taste packaging solutions and a wider clientele through Tropic Pack Asia and Euroswift’s partnership. We wish Tropic Pack Asia all the best, and the warmest welcome to our Group of Companies!


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