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  8 Product Assortments

Our 8 product assortments best represent the different category segments which we are focusing to assist the retailers in their in-store communications and merchandising display approaches.

Over the years, we are adding on more and more articles to our assortments, to the extent of us losing count at times. But these are all necessary as no two retailers would like to look exactly the same, thus we have to create a range wide enough for you to choose from, so that you can have your own brand identity.

We have made some tweaking of our assortments, as we bring more offerings onboard. The last count is that we have more than 100,000 articles ready to serve your varies need at any time; and most important of all, it will continue to grow. But please note that there are products which we phrased out too, due to impracticality to today’s practices, better products created or low demand throughout the markets. There should be no agony here, as we will always be ready with alternatives for you, given time.

In our new classification, we have introduce several new initiatives, and I would like to refer you to the following segments for special mention:-

1.       Our Enhanced Food Merchandising Range
2.       Anti-theft Solutions which we create with a German Tech Innovations set-up, IMCO
3.       Boltless and All Plastics Built  Promotion Wagon & Promotion Stage
4.       Professional Range of Guards & Protections from McCue USA
5.       Productivity Tools for better store merchandising efficiency

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